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I wrote this when Korra was first announced and we basically didn’t know anything, haha, ha ha, ha h a a

400 words // Aang/Katara, Korra

“Do you ever think,” Katara said, choosing her words carefully. “About what this is all going to be like, years and years from now?

Katara traced her finger, cool from the ice that had incased it, down the arrow on Aang’s back. 

“Can I ask you something?” Katara said, her heat making her voice feel heavy in her throat. She flicked her toe absently and a soft spray of water fell over them both.

“Mmm,” Aang said, eyes half-closed. “Sure.”

“Do you ever think,” Katara said, choosing her words carefully. “About what this is all going to be like, years and years from now? I mean, what the world,” she swept her hand in a quick arc taking in the sky, the water, the canyon walls around them. “What the world will look like, then?”

She chided herself inwardly, then, for asking. Aang had seen more change than anyone she knew. Of course he thought about it.

Aang didn’t seem perturbed. He measured her every question like it was the most interesting thing he had ever heard. He always had. 

“I hope some things can still be like this. Sometimes I feel like everything’s moving too quickly, even with the War being over.” He turned on his back and gazed up, at glistening rocks reaching towards the sky. The water here was cool and clear and wonderful for bending. 

“I guess it’s my job now to take care of that stuff, though,” Aang laughed. “And Firelord Hotman, when he’s not too busy with paperwork.” 

“Well,” Katara said, “You’re doing a great job so far. And you’ve only been at it for a year!”

Aang smiled, his face pink and pleased. “Maybe I’ll live to be older than Kyoshi!” 

“That would sure show her,” Katara snickered, splashing him. Aang circled his hands until he had a large bubble, and they floated it between them, back and forth, until it finally broke. 

They fell asleep wrinkled and pleasantly exhausted, curled together on a pile of blankets against the jagged shore. 


Katara has known Korra, has loved her, all of her life. They are not sifu and student, not officially, although Korra often wishes they had been.

They spend much of their time together speaking of Aang.

Katara takes her to the places she and the Avatar once traveled. Often, they are no longer there, worn away by progress and time, forgotten or abandoned or, the word is harsh on Katara’s tongue, improved. 

Korra listens, as Katara tells their stories, regardless. 

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