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I got the only thing I ever realistically wanted out of this season of Korra.

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"I was often Aang’s counsel and I’d love to be yours. :D" LMAO

Zuko giving Aang best friend advice throughout the years that’s universally terrible (and which he never takes himself) but never really knowing because Aang is always like “Thanks, buddy! You’re the best.” and gives him a hug. Evasive, airbender style, he’s not TECHNICALLY LYING. 

Zuko thinks he’s a self-help guru now. Mai is just still so happy he has friend she hasn’t the heart to tell him. He enters old age this way. He’s so excited to teach the kids everything he’s learned

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I’m always just so glad for the kids who will grow up with Adventure Time.

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Oliver Bendorf, “Catch a Body”


Salinger, I’m sorry, but “Don’t ever tell
anybody anything” is a string of words
I would like to wrap up in canvas and sink
to the bottom of the Hudson, or extract
by laser from the ribcage of all of us
who ever believed it, who felt afraid
to miss someone, to be the last one
standing. “Tell everyone everything” is
not exactly right, but I do believe that if
your mother looks radiant in violet
you should tell her, or when a juvenile
sparrow thrashes its wings in dustpiles
and reminds you of a lover’s eyelashes,
you should say so. We are islands all of us,
but we are also boats, our secrets flares,
pyrotechnic devices by which we signal
there’s someone in here we’re still alive!
So maybe it’s, “don’t be afraid.” We can
rewrite Icarus, flame-resistant feathers,
wax that won’t melt, I mean it, I’ll draw up
a prototype right now, that burning ball
of orange won’t stop us, it’ll be everything
we dream the morning after, even if we fall
into the sea—we are boats, remember?
We are pirates. We move in nautical miles.
Each other’s anchors, each other’s buoys,
the rocket’s red, already the world entire.

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